Beverly Hills Flats

This area truly encapsulates the essence of the ideal luxurious California lifestyle.

Properties In This Neighborhood

      Welcome to Beverly Hills Flats

      The neighborhood of Beverly Hills Flats is roughly defined by Sunset Boulevard on the north, Doheny Boulevard on the east, Whittier on the west and Santa Monica Boulevard on the south.

      Neighboring communities include West Hollywood to the east and Holmby Hills to the west. Unlike neighborhoods such as Trousdale Estates, Holmby Hills, and Beverly Hills Post Office, real estate and surroundings of Beverly Hills Flats are essentially flatlands, hence its namesake, though this area does offer a very subtle grade from north to south.

      Beverly Hills Flats is attended to by city services including City Hall, the Beverly Hills Police Department and the Beverly Hills Fire Department, all of which are located just minutes from the Flats, south of Santa Monica Boulevard. The streets in Beverly Hills Flats are adorned with well-maintained trees, creating a lusciously green and vibrant aesthetic to the neighborhood. The Flats of Beverly Hills has become the visual stereotype of elite California living.  Countless television commercials have been filmed on the palm tree-lined streets along Beverly Hills Flats as this area truly encapsulates the essence of the ideal luxurious California lifestyle.

      Beverly Hills Flats Real Estate Insights

      Beverly Hills Flats real estate offers the discerning homebuyer a walking neighborhood that features extravagant estate lots with the most luxurious houses. Even so, many new homeowners in the flats massively renovate or fully rebuild their homes. The architecture of homes in Beverly Hills Flats varies but is very tasteful. You can find everything from tradition homes to Cape Cod designs, from Tuscan-style estates to French Provincial style properties, as well as the occasional modern home design. Regardless of the style, each home is very well kept. The City of Beverly Hills does a phenomenal job with keeping up the streets and providing city services. 

      Lot sizes in the Flats of Beverly Hills average between 11,000 and 15,000 square feet. The average price per square foot of homes for sale in Beverly Hills Flats is $824, only a slight 3.1% increase from prices in comparison to a year ago. Median home sale prices during the fall quarter of 2015 was $1,945,000. Contact Jade Mills to find luxury homes & houses for sale in Beverly Hills Flats, CA.

      The People and Lifestyle

      You’ll find many residents of Beverly Hills Flats out for walks with their pets or jogging along the beautifully maintained streets. In addition, residents of Beverly Hills Flats enjoy the close proximity of a brief walk or two-minute car drive to world class shopping, gourmet restaurants and some of the world’s best hotels, day spas and more. The Beverly Hills Farmers’ Market is another local attraction that is close by just south of the Flats on Civic Drive. This is an ideal location for families looking for their dream home.

      Expect luxurious, eclectic estates in a well maintained community that is minutes away from some of the best restaurants, hotels and schools the world has to offer. Beverly Hills Flats is one of the most well known neighborhoods in the United States; so expect a handful of tourists driving along the streets. The Flats of Beverly Hills are conveniently located north of Santa Monica Boulevard, making it an ideal location for professionals and families looking to be a few minutes walking distance or a short commute to some of the cities, and the worlds, best attractions.​​​​

      Parks, Nature & Outdoor Attractions

      • Beverly-Canon Gardens
      • Beverly Garden Parks
      • Will Rogers Memorial Park
      • The Los Angeles Country Club


      • The Beverly Hills Hotel (5-star hotel)


      There are many, many amazing dining options just minutes away from the Flats of Beverly Hills to fulfill any craving. Whether it is a casual meal or elegant fine dining, you’ll be sure to find it close to home!


      The Beverly Hills Hotel is located in the north in the Flats of Beverly Hills and is a historic luxury hotel with a gourmet restaurant, coffee room and bar.


      Beverly Hills Flats is just minutes’ walking to all of the shopping Beverly Hills has to offer. See Shopping in Beverly Hills for details!


      The Beverly Hills school system is topnotch and an exceptional district for families.

      • Hawthorne Elementary School (Public, grades K-8)
      • El Rodeo Elementary (Public, K-8)
      • Kabbala Children’s Acadamey (Private, K-8)
      • Page School (Private, K-6)
      • Good Shepherd Catholic School (Private, Pre-K-6)
      • Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy (Private, K-8)
      • Beverly Hills High School (Public, Grades 9-12)

      Jade's Recent Transactions

      • 614 N. Foothill Road                            $3,995,000
      • 717 n. Rexford Drive                            $4,195,000
      • 617/619 N. Arden Drive                       $17,995,000
      • 813 N. Alpine Drive                             $12,995,000
      • 829 N. Whittier Drive                           $11,995,000
      • 805 N. Crescent Drive                           $10,995,000
      • 617 N. Camden Drive                           $9,995,000
      • 704 N. Alpine Drive                              $7,995,000
      • 713 N. Arden Drive                               $6,650,000
      • 527 N. Arden Drive                               $2,295,000
      • 514 N. Roxbury Drive                            $2,130,000
      • 521 N. Elm Drive                                   $2,099,000
      • 519 N. Maple Drive                                $1,999,000
      • 723 N. Doheny Drive                             $1,995,000
      • 523 N. Bedford Drive                             $1,995,000
      • 513 N. Arden Drive                                $1,949,000
      • 512 Walden Drive                                   $3,495,000
      • 512 Walden Drive                                   $3,450,000
      • 607 N. Roxbury Drive                            $3,400,000
      • 801 N. Linden Drive                               $3,395,000
      • 511 N. Sierra Drive                                 $3,295,000
      • 616 N. Arden Drive                                $3,295,000
      • 613 N. Hillcrest Road                             $2,995,000
      • 614 N. Maple Drive                                $2,995,000
      • 824 N. Whittier Drive                             $2,899,000
      • 703 N. Alpine Drive                               $2,895,000
      • 614 N. Rodeo Drive                                $2,795,000
      • 700 N. Linden Drive                               $2,795,000
      • 509 N. Camden Drive                             $2,795,000
      • 607 N. Elm Drive                                    $2,595,000
      • 610 N. Linden Drive                               $2,499,000
      • 606 N. Palm Drive                                  $2,495,000
      • 828 N. Whittier Drive                             $2,425,000
      • 621 N. Palm Drive                                  $2,395,000
      • 511 N. Sierra Drive                                 $2,395,000
      • 625 N. Arden Drive                                $6,465,000
      • 812 N. Linden Drive                               $6,395,000
      • 721 N. Rexford Drive                             $6,195,000
      • 706 N. Hillcrest Road                             $6,000,000
      • 621 N. Palm Drive                                  $5,895,000
      • 718 N. Rodeo Drive                                $5,795,000
      • 700 N. Linden Drive                               $5,500,000
      • 617 N. Beverly Drive                              $4,995,000
      • 616 N. Arden Drive                                 $4,995,000
      • N. Rodeo Drive                                       $4,995,000
      • 601 N. Crescent Drive                            $4,800,000
      • 603 N. Alpine Drive                               $4,800,000
      • 617 N. Camden Drive                             $4,795,000
      • 608 N. Rodeo Drive                                $4,500,000
      • 610 N. Alta Drive                                   $4,500,000
      • 607 N. Roxbury Drive                            $4,495,000
      • 710 N. Crescent Drive                            $4,450,000
      • 613 N. Hillcrest Road                             $4,395,000
      • 629 N. Oakhurst Drive                           $4,395,000
      • 603 N. Alpine Drive                               $4,295,000
      • 514 N. maple Drive                                $4,295,000
      • 617 N. Elm Drive                                   $4,295,000
      • 701 N. Bedford Drive                             $3,975,000

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