Bird Streets

Luxury homes along the coveted Bird Streets neighborhood have unparalleled jetliner views that stretch from downtown LA, out to the Pacific Ocean, and down to Catalina Island.

Welcome to the Bird Streets in Beverly Hills

The Bird Streets make up an exclusive neighborhood in the Hollywood Hills nestled between Beverly Hills and Sunset Plaza Drive.

This private enclave is technically part of West Hollywood but has the feel that is in a world of it’s own. As the name suggests, every street is named after a bird such as: Oriole, Blue Jay Way, Nightingale, Robin, Thrasher, etc. Real estate along the coveted Bird Streets have unparalleled jetliner views that stretch from downtown LA out to the Pacific Ocean and Catalina Island.

Bird Streets Real Estate Insights

Prices of homes along Bird Streets can seem astronomical. Be aware that qualified buyers are always ready to shell out the necessary funds to own some of the best views on the west coast. Teardown homes along these streets can go up to six million dollars, depending on the value of the lot to the buyer. Values along these streets are also increased by the close proximity to Sunset Plaza, which offers quick access to the best restaurants and shops in Los Angeles.

The sophisticated and élite residences along Bird Streets nestled along the Hollywood Hills offer unobstructed breathtaking views of the glimmering Los Angeles city line as well as refreshing views of the Pacific Ocean. It’s central location, tranquil environment and easy access to major studios in the valley as well as world class shopping in Beverly Hills have made Bird Street real estate extremely desirable.

The People and Lifestyle

Seclusion, views, and architecture have all attracted the biggest names in entertainment and business. Notable current or past residents include Leonardo diCaprio, Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, Sybil Robson Orr, Tobey Maguire, Jodie Foster, Keanu Reeves, Christina Aguilera, Megan Ellison, George Harrison and many more. Harrison brought added fame to the Bird Streets with the song " Blue Jay Way”. Story goes he found himself waiting for friends to arrive one night, they'd lost their way in the foggy night, and his landlord had left an organ behind in his Bird Street estate; so he sat down to write the haunting little song that ended up on The Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Jade's Notable Transactions

  •  1415 Oriole Dr                               $21,900,000
  •    9280 Nightingale Dr                      $18,900,000
  •    9050 Oriole Way                            $17,995,000
  •    9312 Nightingale                            $13,750,000
  •    2809 Nichols Canyon Rd                $11,985,000
  •    1401 Londonderry Pl                      $11,800,000
  •    1823 N Doheny Dr                         $11,700,000
  •    9137 Cordell Dr                              $10,000,000
  •    1407 Tanager Way                          $9,995,000
  •    9010 Hopen Pl                                $9,900,000
  •    9115 Cordell Dr                              $8,995,000
  •    9272 Robin Drive                           $8,750,000
  •    1424 Tanager Way                          $8,695,000
  •    2260 Sunset Plaza Dr                     $8,595,000
  •   8159 Hollywood Blvd                      $7,995,000
  •    1476 N Kings Rd                            $7,950,000
  •    1478 N Kings Rd                            $7,950,000
  •    1260 St Ives Pl                                $7,888,000
  •    1877 Rising Glen Rd                      $6,995,000
  •    9199 Thrasher Avenue                   $2,650,000
  •    1395 N. Doheny Drive                    $1,695,000
  •    1535 N. Doheny Drive                    $1,295,00
  •    9234 Robin Drive                           $1,295,000

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