An Eye for Birdseye Maple in Luxury Homes

When buying a luxury home in a community like Beverly Hills or Bel Air, it’s important to have an eye for every detail in order to know that you’re getting the very best. Certain features of a home are obvious selling points: the size of the property, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, on-site amenities and architectural style are all major factors in a decision to buy. But a knowledge of the smaller luxuries that go into making a property truly unique can help a buyer to discern the full value of a home.

For example, even the material a home’s kitchen cabinets are made of can contribute to the overall sense of quality. Birdseye Maple is one of the most sought-after materials in kitchen cabinets today. It gets its name from its distinct and divergent pattern that includes the knotted markings known as birdseyes.  Most come from sugar maple, a variety of hardwood also known as Rock Maple. People love Birdseye Maple for its unique and lively patterns. Products made from this wood can be found in private jets, musical instruments and, of course, upscale kitchen cabinets.

The same properties that make this type of wood beautiful also makes it difficult for artisans to handle. In the days of handcrafted furniture, tools were slow and dull, leading to chipping and tearing of the wood.  When that happened, the craftsmen would have to hand plane and scrape the woods to an acceptable level of smoothness.  Since that was usually not cost effective, Birdseye Maple was not used often. In fact, Birdseye Maple antique furniture is both rare and valuable. Modern high-speed machinery that use carbide and diamond tooling are better able to handle the challenges of Birdseye Maple, but it remains a rare and costly material.


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