Famous Beverly Hills Landmarks on Film

Movie stars have flocked to Beverly Hills for decades. Many of the landmarks in the city now rival even its most popular celebrity residents for number of on-screen appearances.

Beverly and Canon Drives have the classic rows of perfectly spaced palm trees lining both sides of the wide roadways. They show up again and again to establish classic Hollywood scenes in various films and television shows, from the Beverly Hillbillies to Pretty Woman.

Beverly Hills Cop famously featured Beverly Hills City Hall in several scenes, and apparently it will also make an appearance in an upcoming Tom Cruise movie.  In a comical turn of events earlier this month, residents were confused to see a sign in front of Beverly Hills City Hall that read “City Hall, City of Los Angeles”. It turns out the sign was simply a movie prop and was quickly removed after filmmakers finished their work.

Some Beverly Hills landmarks are actually a part of modern Hollywood mythology. For example, anyone who had a TV in the 1990s will recognize the iconic “West Beverly High School” from the


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