Jade Mills and Family

During her 30 year experience in Bel Air and Beverly Hills real estate Jade Mills has mastered not only her field, but also how to incorporate family into her career. Among her many respectable qualities, being a family-woman is one of her best.  Her family all aid in her business of buying and selling homes in the Bel Air and Beverly Hills area. Jade's husband works as a home designer, which really compliments her ability to buy and sell according to her clients wants and needs. Aside from her 16-year-old, she has worked  with each of her children, who all work in the real estate business. The unity of their family really provides their clients with a sense of comfort and trust when working with them. To read more about Jade Mills, check out jademillsestates.com.  


We offer the highest level of expertise, service, and integrity. Jade Mills Estates is the leading real estate agent in Beverly Hills and has helped hundreds of buyers find their dream home in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, resulting in almost $7 Billion of closed residential real estate transactions in the last 20 years.

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