Quartz vs Granite Countertops

The kitchen has long been considered to be the heart of the home. Whether you are entertaining in numbers or hosting an intimate gathering of family and friends, people naturally converge in the kitchen. Of course you want it be a beautiful showcase, containing only the finest materials. In countertops, for example, is granite or quartz better?

Performance of both countertops is similar; they are quite durable with proper care. Cost is comparable as well, varying based on availability and choice of material. These days, quartz and granite are de rigueur in fine Beverly Hills properties. While both have unique advantages, it seems there is not a clear winner in this debate.  What is best for your home is determined by your personal taste.

When we think of granite, we often mean slab granite; stone cut out of the ground and shaped to fit your space. There are patterns, veining, coloration, and pitting unique to every slab which means the final product looks different from the samples. Some people think that’s the secret of granite’s beauty while others dislike the inconsistency.

Quartz is also a type of stone, but ground up and mixed with polymer resin and color pigmentation. High quality quartz countertops contain about 93% stone. This process produces a solid countertop consistent in pattern and color. A quartz countertop installed in your home will look very much like the samples you viewed in the showroom.


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