Sandra Bullock Buys New Home In Beverly Hills

At a price tag of $22.95 million, Sandra Bullock has bought a new home in Beverly Hills. She actually owns several homes across the country, so this is just one of many. With more than four acres, this home seems as if it is in the midst of a park rather than the city. This Beverly Hills house is two stories, and has an East Coast feel to it.  Built in 1940, the main house has a five bedrooms and seven bathrooms. This house also has a screening room, library, and basement within it. Outside the home consists of a swimming pool, pool house, and breathtaking lawn. Not to mention, the 270 degree view from the city to the ocean. Jade Mills would consider it a joy to find this kind of amazing home for a buyer. To see the homes she has found for her clients, check out her website at


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