The Art of Selecting a Great Luxury Real Estate Agent

How can luxury home buyers and sellers find the best real estate agent to serve them? Your time, privacy, and residence is incredibly valuable. Yet, overall the process of buying or selling a home or condo remains one of the most time consuming and inefficient processes. So how can luxury real estate buyers and sellers secure a professional agent that will ensure a smooth and profitable transaction that best delivers on their needs and tastes?
The Basics Finding ‘a’ real estate agent isn’t that difficult. Many agents work extremely hard. There are thousands of them scaling the walls of Facebook, approaching the wealthy at golf course clubhouses, and putting their faces on signs. But how do you choose a great one for your transaction?
  • Check the internet
  • Ask for referrals
  • Look for those specializing in your type of transaction
  • Interview them
Cut through the sales hype. Ask about their values, approach to business, and see if they take the time to really inquire about what is most important to you.
Seek out a Realtor who is respected and liked in the industry. Look for an agent with the right balance of hustle and experience. Make sure you know who you will actually be working with. Some big-name agents have large teams. It is no good choosing one of these faces from a billboard if you’ll be relegated to working with the newbie in the office.
VIP TIP: Make sure you position yourself as a great client too. Have a well-defined list of wants and needs. Show that you are prepared, qualified, and are serious about taking action.
For Luxury Real Estate BuyersIt is critical to find an agent who appreciates your taste in property. If you’ll be buying from a distance, or flying in for an inspection trip from NYC, LA, Hong Kong, or Monaco your agent must have carefully curated a shortlist to view. If they are floundering from the beginning it isn’t likely to get any better later.
For Luxury Real Estate SellersBe prepared to go through presentation materials heralding all the ways your luxury home will be marketed. There are certainly agents and real estate brokerages which do more than others, and have higher quality marketing teams, tools, and materials than others. Make sure the materials address your specific neighborhood and include detailed comparables for your specific property. Even for the most spectacular homes on the planet it takes hard work, dedication, expertise, and connections to bring about a successful and expedient sale.
So if the agent’s network is what moves big listings, how do luxury home sellers ensure that the agent of their choice possesses the connections to find the right buyer?
Look for a strong history of sales in your price range and area as well as strong, long-standing involvement in the local community. Furthermore, you’ll want an agent with global reach so ask your agent about their partnerships with agents and companies in other markets. For example, as an agent I make it a point to speak at numerous real estate events every year to connect with potential buyers. In addition I’m part of an elite real estate website collaboration that connects me with the top realtors in all the luxury real estate markets where my future buyers could be coming from.
Savvy homeowners also know that the sale is only one part of the agent’s job. Agents play a significant role in screening potential buyers, and keeping your personal belongings and information safe during the process. Does your agent have a system for that?
For Luxury Real Estate RentersPerhaps you are not ready to buy yet, or just need a luxury rental while on a special project for a year. Your time, privacy, and a low stress level may be just as important for you now as when buying a $10M pad of your own. Unfortunately not all high-end real estate agents want to work with rentals, or at least won’t provide an equal level of service and dedication to renters. Find one that will appreciate your business for what it is, and put in just as much effort.
For Luxury Real Estate InvestorsMany highly qualified individuals, fund managers, and even celebrities are increasingly embracing real estate as an investment. Some are engaging in very active real estate investment and upscale home flipping. However, not many Realtors are excited about working with real estate investors, especially in the luxury market. Others are simply not up to date on trends, tools, and strategies investors are using today. Specifically look for an investor friendly agent who is happy to facilitate the types of transactions you are seeking, and can even bring extra value to the table as an advisor.
Expert Advice Provided by Jade MillsWith over $4 Billion in career real estate sales, Jade Mills is the leading real estate agent for the coveted areas of Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Hollywood, and Malibu. Jade consistently works with A-list celebrities, tech founders, and business leaders. Jade is world-renowned for her incredible sales record, international success, and her integrity and professionalism. To work with Jade, please call at +1 (310) 285-7508 or visit her website at for more information.


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