The Celebrity Dream Home Wish List

Celebrities can have whatever they want in a home because they are high profile clients and can afford it. So it makes me wonder, what is it exactly that celebrities want in their dream home? What is a typical celebrity wish list for a house? The tops answers come from the Zillow Blog, and they may surprise you. Privacy is the number one priority in their dream home. This is understandable since celebrities are highly sought out by the media and the general public. The second most desirable trait in a celebrity dream home is giant closet space. Celebrities are known for being glamorous, and they need a lot of closet space to hold all of their fabulous clothing. Home theaters are very common on the celebrity wish list because they offer a safe place for celebrities to watch themselves on the big screen without judgment from an additional audience. The fourth, and last on this list, desirable amenity for a celebrity home is the hobby room availability. Celebrities like to have rooms that can be used for whatever their hearts desire. I think the quality that I was most surprised by was the fact that celebrities want hobby rooms. I guess it makes sense though since a lot of celebrities are quite eccentric in their tastes. Jade Mills actually contributed to this list on the Zillow Blog, so I know she is a great advisor on what celebrities want in the Beverly Hills and Bel Air real estate area.  


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