The Dream Kitchen

When it comes to luxury real estate, it is easy to find that dream kitchen you've always longed for. It often comes standard in most luxury homes because it is in such high demand. However, every home buyer is different and wants to make their kitchen unique to themselves, their needs, and their desires. Some of my favorite additions to have in a kitchen are the following: 1) Pull-Out Microwave, 2) Matching Cabinetry and Appliances,  and 3) Granite Counter Tops. All of these aspects add so much value to a kitchen, and not to mention they are some of the most beautiful and functional additions to it. The pull-out microwave blends in well with any cabinetry you may have. Cabinetry in itself can be a work of art, but when your the outside of your appliances, such as your refrigerator/freezer or dishwasher, have the same appearance it turns your kitchen into a masterpiece. Granite counter tops make cooking and entertaining easy to prepare for and clean up afterward. Of course there are many other aspects to a kitchen that make it dreamy, so to each their own. Most of these kind of kitchens are probably found in Beverly Hills real estate for the most part, but I know I wouldn't mind moving to California.  


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