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Finding the right realtor is key in the process of home buying and selling. Buying and selling a home is already stressful enough, you don't need a Realtor who has their own agenda to add to the mix. A Realtor can make or break your realty experience, therefore it is important that you take the time to chose the right one. The ideal Realtor cares more about your needs than their own. They take your wants and needs and find a house to match those, instead of pushing houses on you that don't meet your desires. Also, an ideal Realtor knows is very knowledgeable about the area in which they are selling homes, and the homes themselves. If you are going to let a Realtor take the lead, they should be someone that you trust to lead in the right direction. The skills of a great Realtor are possessed by Jade Mills. She knows the Beverly Hills area extremely well, prioritizes her client's needs and wants above her own, and is very knowledgeable about the buying and selling homes in Beverly Hills. You can entrust your home buying and selling process with her experience because she will surpass all of your expectations.

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We offer the highest level of expertise, service, and integrity. Jade Mills Estates is the leading real estate agent in Beverly Hills and has helped hundreds of buyers find their dream home in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, resulting in almost $7 Billion of closed residential real estate transactions in the last 20 years.

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